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Dear friends, July / Aug / Sept 2022

71-1One of our staff saw a handicapped man who diligently swept the street in front of his house. He sat in his wheelchair but did everything he could to keep the street clean with a small broom. This was a wonderful example of perseverance and also very inspiring. So many times, we want to give up when difficulties are coming in our way. In the last few years, we have met many people who have been suffering and were on the edge of giving up. This handicapped man became a great example of not giving up, even when he had little. We can all learn from him and encourage each other. Change is coming!

71-2 A new project is on the way.
After making contact with government officials of the province of Quang Nam, an agreement was made that we could provide the poorest of the poor with our cooking stoves. This is a great opportunity to help the minorities who have been suffering the loss of lives and property year after year due to landslides, heavy rainfall, typhoons, and floods. In order to play our part in helping these victims, we decided to focus on this province for our next project. We have increased the number of workers at our factory, and have been ordering lots of material from the north. In our next letter you will hear more about this project, but we are glad to introduce you to all our staff. Most of them are from the province of Kontum in the Central Highlands. Kontum is located at an elevation of 1,094 meters above sea level.

Road construction.
71 3 There is a lot of road construction going on in Danang. Not only are pipes for fresh water in certain areas replaced or newly constructed, they also connected new waste pipes in our area. For weeks, they were breaking up the streets by digging deep drains for the pipes. The workers were very cooperative in considering the demands of the neighborhood. A few weeks before it all started, two men from the construction company came to record everything in our center in case any damage should be caused by their work. Breaking open the road was accompanied by heavy machinery, and sometimes our center was shaking on its foundations. Although our deaf workers did not hear the noise, they experienced an unpleasant shaking during the heavy drills.

71-4 A long process of applying and waiting.
For the last six months, it has been a real battle to extend the work permit for Mr. Hans, our only foreign worker. The government decided to change certain laws and screw up the requirements of the experts. They did not agree with the credentials we had always been using for an extension of the permit for Mr. Hans. After several months, they told us to change the application while the old work permit expired. Mr. Hans was allowed to remain in Danang while his new application was being processed. Sadly, this waiting time took weeks, so the immigration advised him to leave the country and come back as a tourist, while waiting for the new application.

The intervention of our God.
71-5 He had to fly to Thailand and had to stay for five days in quarantine. After ten days, he moved back to Danang as a tourist, and finally, after several weeks of waiting, his work permit for two years was approved. Now it was time for immigration to give him permission to stay in Danang. Again, new regulations made it difficult, and our accountant, Mr. Thanh, who had done all the procedures of the last six months, had to fly to Hanoi. Immediately, he was denied, although he had made contact with the supervisor before. He approved the visa, but the clerk did not agree, and told Mr. Thanh to return to Danang and fill in more forms. This was time for the intervention of our God. While leaving the building, Mr. Thanh was suddenly called back, and they told him quietly to leave the foreign passport, paying the application fee and to come back after one week, which finally changed the battle into victory!

71-6 A wonderful source of inspiration.
After the lockdowns, Mister Bick and Phi were able to return to the mountains. They were surprised that some participants had already put the FBT lessons into practice. This time, more than 70 students showed up. Among them were some doctors and dentists who had opened clinics but were facing problems. They had many questions and some ideas were discussed with the other students. Everyone's enthusiasm increased as a result of the answers provided during the discussions, and the atmosphere changed. Finally, everyone was moved and learned things they had never seen or experienced before.

Encouraging testimonies.
71-7 Mr. Viet was inspired to start a farm with 10 breeding calves after the first FBT lessons. He used fresh food sources and learned the techniques to fatten the cows. The cows grew quickly. Although many people in his city lost their jobs due to Covid-19, he was very happy that his business provided enough income for his family, so he persevered. Thus, he learned the secret of success in the early lessons and put into practice what he had learned. Also,71-8 YTung is a very bright girl who wanted to create stable jobs and a good income for the poor. After attending the first FBT classes last year, YTung and her assistant came to Danang city to learn how to make coffee and pastries. After the pandemic, it was very difficult to start anything, but she didn't give up. She used the time to prepare well. When Bick and Phi visited her coffee restaurant, it was very busy with customers. She was so happy and thanked the Lord, who knew what she needed.

71-9 Visitors.
We were visited by Mr. Simon from Switzerland. He is one of the supervisors of the FBT course. His organization had also supported some cooking stoves projects in the past. Mr.Bich and Phi were able to show him some students in the countryside and also in Danang who had finished the FBT courses successfully. Another friend from New Zealand, who has worked before in Vietnam, came to visit us and stayed for two days in Danang. It was very encouraging to see both of them and their interest in what we are doing.

This was a short update what we are doing, and have been doing. Danang is recovering slowly and in our next letter we hope to tell you more. We are thankful for your love, interest and support.


Green Impact team

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